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Chicago Jax Wax



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  • Cap'n Polish + is an innovative polish & sealant that removes light imperfections, oxidation, and swirls from fiberglass, gel coat, and painted surfaces while creating a deep shine and providing a high level of SI02 protection. This marine-safe formula polishes and protects in one easy step making future washing much easier while also protecting against water spots.  


  • Shake well 
  • Apply 3-4 drops to desired pad.
  • On a slow speed setting spread product onto surface.
  • Increase machine to desired speed setting, generally between 2-3 on a dual action polisher or rotary polisher.
  • Working in a 2-3 FT. section, begin applying Cap'n Polish + with medium to light pressure to remove minor defects. After 4-5 passes with your polisher wipe residue with a soft microfiber towel. 
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