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As a company we strive to provide the absolute best and latest technologies in the car care business and with the addition of Graphene Pro 10h we now offer the best coating on the market!


Jax Wax Graphene Pro 10h is the next evolution to our professional coating line. This graphene oxide coating will provide all the great characteristics of our Shield Pro 9h Ceramic Coating but even at a higher level.

Benefits of Graphene Pro 10h:

- 5+ years of protection

- Higher Scratch Resistance

- Higher Stain Resistance (bird droppings, acid rain, etc.)

- Increased gloss and color enhancement

- Easier to apply than traditional ceramic coatings

- Increased contact angle up to 115°

- Universal coating that works well on all painted surfaces, plastic trim pieces, glass, and wheels


-Prior to applying Jax Wax Graphene Pro 10h it is recommended that you properly wash, clay and decontaminate your painted surfaces. Proper paint correction/polishing may be necessary to achieve a perfect finish on your paint prior to coating application.

- After the vehicle is cleaned, decontaminated and polished, apply Jax Wax Prep Spray to remove any polishing oils or residue that may have been left behind.

- Apply multiple drops of Graphene Pro 10h to a microsuede applicator. On a 2x2 foot area apply the coating in a cross hatch pattern ensuring complete coverage. Once the coating flashes (rainbows) wipe the surface, leveling the coating. If the coating begins to haze prior to wiping it down, it has been on the surface too long and will need reapplied. For this reason a test spot is always recommended prior to coating the entire vehicle.

- Make sure to very deliberate in the wiping /leveling of the coating. This will help to avoid missing any areas on the vehicles surface that could result in a "high spot". High spots can occur when the surface hasn't been leveled correctly. High spots have the "rainbow" look and can be hard to remove once the coating has cured. For this reason it is important to make sure you wipe every coated surface. 

- Maintain your coating with Jax Wax Graphene Detailer. 

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